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Kingsway West #1 Review
1 HR AGO - Fans of East of West and The Sixth Gun will want to check out Dark Horse's new Wild West fantasy Expand
It Was At This Moment That I Shed A Real Tear Over The CBR Redesign
1 HR AGO - I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Dave Stone on fire off the shoulder of Expand
Spider-Gwen Swings into Marvel’s Animated “Ultimate Spider-Man”
3 HRS AGO - The breakout character's animation debut comes in the "Return to the Spider-Verse" arc that finds Expand
Spider-Man's Best and Worst Movie Appearances
3 HRS AGO - We look over the wall-crawler's cinematic resume, ranking Peter Parker's film appearances from Expand
Christoph Waltz Targets Dyson Role in Alita: Battle Angel
4 HRS AGO - Christoph Waltz is in talks to play Dr. Dyson in Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel Expand
Community Creator Writing New Doctor Strange Scenes
4 HRS AGO - The creative mind behind Rick and Morty and Community is lending Marvel a helping hand on a few Expand
Oliver Can Take Care Of Himself In Arrow Season Five Preview
5 HRS AGO - In a quick preview of the new season of Arrow, Ollie faces new challenges and the spotlight of Expand
Mixing Up Marvel’s Champions Teasers
6 HRS AGO - I’ve got to say, these Champions #1 teasers are dull. Maybe they’re building to Expand
Director Leaves Gambit for DC's Dark Universe Film
7 HRS AGO - Director Doug Liman exits Fox's Gambit for Dark Universe, DC Films' adaptation of Justice League Expand
FLAMECON 2: Kitty Pryde ‘Queerest’ X-Man, Says Claremont
1 HR AGO - You heard it right — this past Sunday, at FlameCon 2 in Brooklyn, Chris Claremont, one of Expand
Graphic Novel Review: Omega Men - The End Is Here
2 HRS AGO - DC's underappreciated sci-fi epic is now finally available in graphic novel form.
Captain America Crosses a Major Line Under Hydra's Influence
3 HRS AGO - Captain America is not the man he used to be. Back in May, it was revealed Steve Rogers has a past Expand
The Super Nintendo Turns 25
4 HRS AGO - On the 25th anniversary of the Super Nintendo, we take a look at how the SNES changed the way we Expand
Suicide Squad Photo Reveals Deleted Joker-Harley Scene
4 HRS AGO - A newly released photo indicates that Suicide Squad may have originally had a much more abusive Expand
Marvel Studios Narrows “Captain Marvel” Director Search to 3 Candidates
5 HRS AGO - We know that Brie Larson will star as Carol Danvers, and a new report sheds some light on who Expand
Captain Marvel Director Shortlist Revealed
5 HRS AGO - The search for a director for Captain Marvel down to three female filmmakers.
Peter Jackson Not Involved In Middle-earth Ultimate Blu-ray Collection
6 HRS AGO - When news broke last week of an $800 The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Ultimate Collectors Edition box Expand
Take Aim at a New Arrow Season 5 Promo
7 HRS AGO - Take aim at a new Arrow season 5 promo A new promo for the upcoming fifth season of The CW‘s Expand
FLAMECON 2: Kitty Pryde ‘Queerest’ X-Man, Says Claremont
1 HR AGO - You heard it right — this past Sunday, at FlameCon 2 in Brooklyn, Chris Claremont, one of Expand
A Tale Of Two Kickstarter Panels At Long Beach Comic Con
2 HRS AGO - Bleeding Cool loves a Kickstarter. Our weekends are usually full of them. Our employers Avatar Expand
“Thor’s” Hemsworth’s Scared Krasinski Out of Captain America Role
3 HRS AGO - "The Office's" Jim Halpert screen tested for Captain America, but another heroic actor let him Expand
All About the Fans: Interview with Legion M’s Jeff Annison
4 HRS AGO - I remember several weeks ago, scrolling down my Facebook news feed, and seeing this ad for a Expand
The Hellblazer #1 Review
4 HRS AGO - John Constantine reunites with a certain plant-loving old friend as DC kicks off his latest comic Expand
Christoph Waltz In Talks To Mentor Alita: Battle Angel
5 HRS AGO - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Christoph Waltz of Spectre, The Hateful Eight and that Expand
The Tweet That Got Jim Towe The Gig On Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Revival With Chad Bowers
6 HRS AGO - Chad Bowers is the co-writer of X-Men ’92 and the upcoming Deadpool: Bad Blood OGN with Rob Expand
“You Can’t See The Future When The Past Is Standing In Your Way” Thoughts On Batgirl #2
6 HRS AGO - I was really pleased with the rebirth of Batgirl last month. I found myself excited by the fact Expand

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Kid Flash is Coming

We’ll see two speedsters in the next season of The Flash.

Deadpool Vs. Gambit; the Team-Up You Dream About Dreaming About

Pardon me for sniping the title from this issue's last page,

Star Wars: C-3PO Waxes Philosophic

Star Wars: C-3PO is out today! This is a special one-shot comic

Heart Throb #1 Tugs at the Metaphorical Heart Strings, Too

I first encountered this comic when I interviewed Robert Wilson IV

Wicked Divine: The Triumphant Return of “Laura F*****g Wilson”

The main storyline of The Wicked The Divine is BACK this month,

Poe Dameron Gets a New Series

Poe Dameron stars in a new series, out today! This comic was



Batman's Bloom Arc Ends on Bittersweet Thank-You

“You're Batman. The rest of us... We do what we can to be

Baker Street Has a New Cast in Boom!'s Newest Comic

I honestly didn't pay much attention to Baker Street in the

Prepare for the Alien Overlords: Mars Attacks is Back!

From writer/letterer John Layman and artist Andy Kuhn comes a new

Your Comic is in THIS Castle! Another Castle Debuts with a Fresh Twist on a Classic Trope

Another Castle debuts today from Oni Press, with art by Paulina

The Discipline: “Erotic Seduction” Misses the Subtlety

Earlier this week, my boss and I discussed The Discipline in our

Bemis Breaks Out the Charm for Worst X-Man Ever

It's High-School Disney Channel Special meets X-men in Max

The Coming of the Supermen Departs a Little Too Far into the Past

When a new threat comes to Metropolis in the form of Darkseid's

Artists at Fusion Designs Showcasing Innovative New Platforms

Fusion Designs caricatures could be seen from across the room at

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